Material: Clay

Within the ceramic world yearly tons of clay are thrown away. The waste is a result of errors during the production. A shame, if you ask us. Especially in a world where sustainability becomes an increasingly larger part of society. The goal of the project is to explore the qualities of the waste clay through materials research. The ‘less predictable’ qualities of the clay can be used to the advantage once you know why and how clay reacts to certain temperatures and humidity levels.

New raw materialen are made from the waste clay in order to study the qualities. This also explains the title PBL. The clays are brought back to powder, breads and liquid raw materials. In other words Powder, and Liquid Bread.

 Companies like EKWC, Mobach ceramics and ceramic artists as Reinier Sinke and Suzan Becking collaborated with us and donated waste clay.

PBL has been created with Lisanne van Zanten and the help of Stichting Stokroos