Studio Renée

I strongly believe that designers can contribute to solving social problems. However, that will never be successful if we do not work together.

I tend to start projects by asking broad questions. I can read about topics for weeks while continuously having new questions, new ideas and new topics to discover.

It is important to ask big questions. However, the only way to make a change in the real world is to start a conversation with people and industries. Scientists, journalists, mothers, psychologists, biologists, buddhists, social workers, etc.

Using undiscovered characteristics of materials and collaborating with different industries and countries are my strengths. I believe that for example scientists and designers need each other to find innovative sustainable solutions. We can take the knowledge of scientist and think outside the traditional frameworks. Then we can create sustainable designs to help save our planet. To achieve this my product and graphic background blend together into projects where value is given to worthless material.